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Home Spring Maintenance and Eavestrough Cleaning

Posted by kim on May 03, 2016
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If you are going to own a home, then part of the maintenance process you need to be familiar with is the siding, windows and definitely the eavestrough repair and cleaning process. Not getting this done every year as part of an annual process can cost you more in replacement and extensive repair processes in the long term.  Leaves, branches and other organic material from nearby trees will naturally fall onto your roof and be washed down into the gutter or eavestrough. If they aren’t cleared out at the beginning of Spring or Fall, your Ottawa home can experience issues with excessive moisture on areas of your roof. This is only one step away from WAY more expensive roof repairs which you may not become aware of until damage is more extensive.


eavestrough repairs ottawa

Eavestrough Cleaning in Ottawa

Eavestrough repair contractors in Ottawa can advise you on whether they just need to be cleaned out or repaired more extensively. In most cases, it costs $199 or around that to clear out your gutter. This should be done seasonally and takes no longer then a few hours. You might be thinking this is just manual labor, why not get it done yourself or with friends? So many people think this is the case and skip hiring a local Ottawa eavestrough company, but this is often a fatal error. First of all, you are going to need a large ladder – often higher then 30 feet. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you’ll definitely want to leave it to an experienced roofing or eavestrough contractor. Any business that offers this service and is worth their weight will have commercial liability insurance which should protect you from being responsible for any problems that might occur.

The best part about getting your eavestrough cleaned is they can also be inspected at the same time and any repairs that need to be done can be spotted and fixed earlier, which should result in money and time saved. This is definitely not an annual maintenance you’ll want to skip on your Ottawa property if you want to save money and keep things running smoothly.…

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Posted by kim on March 15, 2016
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The immediate as well as the long term benefits of spray-foam insulation outweigh, by far, the initial costs that are associated with the installation. This insulating / air sealing material gives you endless benefits.

A lot of people may feel intimidated by the cost and the commitment of using spray foam insulation in their houses. Without one being familiar with the benefits that accrue from using spray foam insulation, this option remains easily overlooked as a way to reduce energy costs in your house.

Spray foam insulation actually easily outperforms many other insulation types, well by incredible margins. We will discuss some of the benefits of using this type of insulation alongside saving you some of your hard-earned cash.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation Mississauga is a type of insulation that is developed from two types of composites, that is isocyanate and polyurethane. When combined, the two materials react, chemically, with each other, causing the resulting compound to expand and harden. During the process of installation, both materials are usually sprayed simultaneously from the tip of a spray gun, thus allowing their expansion, forming a protective layer of spray foam over your desired area.

In order to further understand the benefits of spray foam insulation, it is important to first understand the types that there are. Usually, there are two types of this type of insulation: Open-cell and Closed-cell foam insulation. Open-cell insulation is usually denser than Closed-cell insulation and also has a spongy feel. This qualities make it an effective sound damper, and, better still, it is less expensive to install than Closed-cell spray foam insulation.

However, Closed-cell insulation, even being more expensive to install than Open-cell insulation, it comes with a myriad of benefits, some of which are listed below.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

1. It Works as a Powerful Insulator

Spray foam insulation works a lot better than any other popular insulator available in the market. Due to its expansive nature, it tightly seals all cracks and crevices that would otherwise be left exposed. The spray foams ability to keep an air-tight seal (i.e. the resistance value) is ranked at R-6, which is the highest in the market today.

2. Spray Foam Comes with Incredible Energy Costs Savings

Being such a powerful insulator, spray form provides you, as a family, with a huge incentive to save significantly on energy costs that accrue due to heating or cooling your house. Energy savings coming from the use of spray foam insulation has been averaged at about 50% or more, compared to other insulation types that average at about 30% energy savings.

3. It Provides an Air Tight Seal

Spray foam insulation has a unique capability to seal holes and gaps in your attic, and it has been shown to be 24 times less permeable to air leaks than other popular insulators. Remember the main reason for those huge energy bills could be blamed on unregulated air leaks.

4. Acts as a Moisture Barrier

Holes and cracks in your attic or crawl space may not only allow in just air, but also water and moisture as well. Spray foam insulation acts well in sealing such gaps and spaces, thus saving you form damages caused by moisture in unwanted places such as wood trusses as it is impermeable to water. It also does not absorb water like other materials used as insulators.

5. Spray Foam Deters Mold

Apart from being water resistant, spray foam also has a characteristic that keeps away mold: it is made of an inert polymer that provides no food for bacteria or mold, making it a perfect material to use against mold growth. Closed-cell insulation better protects against incidents of molds and mildew.

6. Comes with a Long Life-Span

Spray foam, being an inert polymer, has an ��indefinite’ lifespan. You can thus enjoy the services of the insulation for years before the need to re-insulate. You can save your home or business lots of money for over 20 years and your spray foam will still be intact.

7. Eco-Friendly

Spray foam insulation is eco-friendly in a number of ways:

• It protects against moisture and mold growth

• It helps cut on energy consumption levels by up to 50%

• Its design is such that it lasts for long time periods, thus reducing the materials that are consumed, saving innumerable amounts of resources.

Spray foam insulation comes as one of the best insulation methods for attic and crawl space experts who are readily available in Toronto Ontario at very competitive prices. Cut your energy costs by half when you invest spray foam insulation.…

Importance Of Quality Plumbing Repairs

Posted by kim on December 02, 2015
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Are you having plumbing problems? Would you like to stop any problems before they start? Nobody wants to have these kinds of issues, but there are times when you need to call in the professionals to get your plumbing and septic systems back in working order. A great plumber can be a lifesaver when you are experiencing the worst problems while a drain cleaner specialist can help ensure that some of those problems keep from happening in the first place.

Plumbing issues can come up quickly and once they start, they can go from bad to worse in no time at all. Sometimes, trying to fix them on your own can make them worse. It is not always the fault of the homeowner, of course, since over time age can cause a lot of plumbing issues. An expert understands all the problems that plumbing issues can present and will work quickly and efficiently to repair them. Of course, maintaining your plumbing and septic systems is important to keeping these areas in working order, too, and an experienced drain cleaner specialist can help with this. When you have regular septic cleaning visits and get regular maintenance on your systems then you are helping prevent any future problems. Not only can a professional complete repairs on your plumbing and septic systems, but they can also install and service septic systems, maintain and clean sewer and drain systems, and even service water heaters and softener systems.

Since emergencies do not always work by a clock, and can therefore come up at any time, you might find that you need someone in the middle of the night. It will feel good to know that you can call on someone in an emergency situation and have a professional there in a matter of time to get your system back in working order again.

When it is not an emergency, but your system still needs some maintenance, then you can count on your drain cleaner professional to get everything functioning properly. When your drains are clogged or draining slowly, other problems are sure to follow along. By getting them cleaned, however, you can help head off any issues that might arise later on down the road. Maintenance is often as important as making repairs. A good business with trained and experienced professionals on staff can use preventive and diagnostic methods to check your systems and make repairs that keep your systems running smoothly. By using video camera diagnostics, a plumber will be able to clear the drain and fix problems economically and effectively.

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You can also count on a professional plumber to follow all of the state’s mandated regulations in regards to septic systems and to be certified and able to follow all compliances. Not only should you be able to depend on your drain cleaner specialist to be a professional and experienced, but you should also be able to depend on them to be current and up-to-date on any new procedures and certifications that their field requires.

Accounting Options For Home Renovation Businesses

Posted by kim on November 24, 2015
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Bookkeeping solutions are plentiful, especially for small business owners in the renovation industry in Ottawa, and it’s for good reason. If it’s your first time operating a business in the construction space (mold removal or dumpster rental included) the financial landscape can appear like a WW2 minefield. There are so many angles to watch out for and deadlines to be aware of that it’s highly likely you’ll need the monthly support and counseling offered by a local Ottawa accounting professional. Quarterly HST submissions need to be done on time, payroll needs to be kept up with and of course you need to be out churning up new business. Delegation is a key skill for growing businesses, and finding a solution to recurring (and of course boring) tasks needs to be done. What are the first steps and what are your options for getting monthly bookkeeping in Ottawa?

Who to use for small business accounting in Ottawa?

Our best recommendation is to explore ALL your options, however I personally think getting an actual small business bookkeeper in person with experience relevant to your industry. For example, remodeling and renovation firms are constantly spending five figures sometimes weekly on supplies and costs and having a small business tax expert handle those input tax credits accordingly is certainly going to save you tons of money and future headaches. There are plenty of accounting specialists that have industry specific experience and while it can cost more, it will certainly save you more when you do end up scaling and getting more customers.

For sole proprietors or those with side businesses (or attempting to build those additional streams of income), it may be worth it to just get an initial consultation so you know what your obligations are in terms of taxes and what you can and cannot write off. This key step is often overlooked and can make the difference between becoming profitable sooner than you may think. Monthly bookkeepers can be affordable, often for a few hundred dollars a month and be permanent financial advisers and assets that help your business ventures grow responsibly and decreases tax liability.

The services commonly offered by Ottawa bookkeepers include the following;

  • Quarterly or annual HST submisions
  • Questions regarding input tax credits
  • Credit card and bank reconciliation statements
  • Personal and corporate tax returns
  • Payroll deductions organized on a bi-weekly basis.

Save Money and Time With Waste Container Rentals

Posted by kim on April 21, 2015
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Before you go about renting your dumpster you’re going to need certain information to give the rental company to get the best price possible. Not all dumpsters are created equal and each clients project will have their own specific requirements. Have these on hand and be clear about them, and you’ll make it easier for them to give you availability info as well as accurate pricing information. Included in the price of your dumpster rental is the price of delivery, pick-up and dump fees, so keep this in mind when making your budget. There are also different dumps for different material types which can also have an affect on price. For example, toxic materials or paint cans are harder to dispose of and require special handling when compared to loose dirt. View website for more details about pricing and size.

dumpster sizes

Another aspect of renting waste bins consumers overlook is where and when drop off and pickup will occur. Slanted driveways, gravel pathways, side yards – these may not be suitable and can cause fatal delays when it comes to getting your project done on time. Large trucks drop roll off bins carefully, but they do need enough space to get in and out safely without compromising their equipment. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to make sure the waste container rental company you are dealing with has sufficient experience not to damage your driveway. Normally properly sized wooden planks can be set down to act as a buffer between the dumpster and your asphalt driveway to reduce abrasion and possible damage.

Another concern first time renters will have is determining the appropriate sizing for your project. The quickest way to deal with this is to ask the business or anyone with experience what they would recommend. Waste removal companies deal with lots of similar projects, so they can make a pretty educated estimate. For example if you told them you were doing a roofing project for a small garage they might suggest a roll-off dumpster ranging in size from 30-40 yards. The one situation you want to avoid though is running out of space in your container. Two trips to the dump instead of one can cost you big bucks and also waste time and delay your project. Your specific company may also have policies against overfilling units and if you do, they may opt to charge you a hefty fee, so beware of this.

As a final note, you might think that only seasoned contractors and big construction companies have a need for renting large dumpsters but in fact if the average home-owner, implements these tips renting a dumpster can be an easy way to get your home project done faster and more efficiently.