Cleaning Services For Seasonal Rentals

Posted by kim on April 23, 2016
Real Estate

Real estate agents dealing with properties with high seasonality are always on the lookout for quality providers to maintain their units – whether it be painters, cleaners or landscapers, quality vendors are in limited supply in the Ottawa area.

There is no doubt you are going to need to shop around and vet any residential or commercial cleaners you consider hiring. Unfortunately due to the low barrier to entry and relatively low skill required, there are tons of low quality providers posing as if they can get the job done. Here are the top things to look for when hiring a residential or commercial cleaner or maid service so you can get the best experience possible.

Prompt and Responsive Service

If you make an inquiry or request for service, you probably want a quick and detailed response. Some of the biggest cleaning consultants and services provide a marked and detailed list of all the services to be provided as well as a cost and time frame breakdown. If you are having multiple units cleaned (or evenĀ deep cleaned) then you are going to want it done fast, and totally comprehensive. Knowing exactly what you are paying for as well as how it breaks down is a good step towards a transparent, fair and honest working relationship. How fast they respond is also a good sign of how professional and disciplined they are as a business. If a cleaning company in Ottawa is responsive when you inquire for a quote, we can likely be sure they are going to be there after the appointment to make sure you are totally satisfied.

Comprehensive Cleaning

The last thing anyone wants is to pay for cleaning service and not get a full value out of the process. Getting a full list of exactly what will be cleaned and confirming it before any agreement is made will make sure both sides are clear on what the expectations are. If they are slippery about providing this information, you know you should stay clear.


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