Home Spring Maintenance and Eavestrough Cleaning

Posted by kim on May 03, 2016
Home Renovations

If you are going to own a home, then part of the maintenance process you need to be familiar with is the siding, windows and definitely the eavestrough repair and cleaning process. Not getting this done every year as part of an annual process can cost you more in replacement and extensive repair processes in the long term. ┬áLeaves, branches and other organic material from nearby trees will naturally fall onto your roof and be washed down into the gutter or eavestrough. If they aren’t cleared out at the beginning of Spring or Fall, your Ottawa home can experience issues with excessive moisture on areas of your roof. This is only one step away from WAY more expensive roof repairs which you may not become aware of until damage is more extensive.


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Eavestrough Cleaning in Ottawa

Eavestrough repair contractors in Ottawa can advise you on whether they just need to be cleaned out or repaired more extensively. In most cases, it costs $199 or around that to clear out your gutter. This should be done seasonally and takes no longer then a few hours. You might be thinking this is just manual labor, why not get it done yourself or with friends? So many people think this is the case and skip hiring a local Ottawa eavestrough company, but this is often a fatal error. First of all, you are going to need a large ladder – often higher then 30 feet. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you’ll definitely want to leave it to an experienced roofing or eavestrough contractor. Any business that offers this service and is worth their weight will have commercial liability insurance which should protect you from being responsible for any problems that might occur.

The best part about getting your eavestrough cleaned is they can also be inspected at the same time and any repairs that need to be done can be spotted and fixed earlier, which should result in money and time saved. This is definitely not an annual maintenance you’ll want to skip on your Ottawa property if you want to save money and keep things running smoothly.