Save Money and Time With Waste Container Rentals

Posted by kim on April 21, 2015
Home Renovations

Before you go about renting your dumpster you’re going to need certain information to give the rental company to get the best price possible. Not all dumpsters are created equal and each clients project will have their own specific requirements. Have these on hand and be clear about them, and you’ll make it easier for them to give you availability info as well as accurate pricing information. Included in the price of your dumpster rental is the price of delivery, pick-up and dump fees, so keep this in mind when making your budget. There are also different dumps for different material types which can also have an affect on price. For example, toxic materials or paint cans are harder to dispose of and require special handling when compared to loose dirt. View website for more details about pricing and size.

dumpster sizes

Another aspect of renting waste bins consumers overlook is where and when drop off and pickup will occur. Slanted driveways, gravel pathways, side yards – these may not be suitable and can cause fatal delays when it comes to getting your project done on time. Large trucks drop roll off bins carefully, but they do need enough space to get in and out safely without compromising their equipment. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to make sure the waste container rental company you are dealing with has sufficient experience not to damage your driveway. Normally properly sized wooden planks can be set down to act as a buffer between the dumpster and your asphalt driveway to reduce abrasion and possible damage.

Another concern first time renters will have is determining the appropriate sizing for your project. The quickest way to deal with this is to ask the business or anyone with experience what they would recommend. Waste removal companies deal with lots of similar projects, so they can make a pretty educated estimate. For example if you told them you were doing a roofing project for a small garage they might suggest a roll-off dumpster ranging in size from 30-40 yards. The one situation you want to avoid though is running out of space in your container. Two trips to the dump instead of one can cost you big bucks and also waste time and delay your project. Your specific company may also have policies against overfilling units and if you do, they may opt to charge you a hefty fee, so beware of this.

As a final note, you might think that only seasoned contractors and big construction companies have a need for renting large dumpsters but in fact if the average home-owner, implements these tips renting a dumpster can be an easy way to get your home project done faster and more efficiently.