Why Mold Inspection & Remediation Is So Important

Posted by kim on September 12, 2015
Water damage

Understanding maintenance for your home is going to be a crucial skill new homeowners are going to have to learn especially if they want to extend the lifespan of your investment. Other than keeping your roof in good shape and your landscaping looking good, one of the most nefarious problems you can find yourself having to deal with is household mold. While it can easily be cleaned up with an easily available commercial spray and a cloth in some circumstances (think under your kitchen or bathroom sink), if the mold you’re looking at is caused by water or storm damage you may need the services of a professional mould remediation service based out of Ottawa.


home mould inspection

Are mold inspection services in Ottawa worth the cost and hassle?

Why do you need the professionals? Once dangerous mold particles have infected your home, they can spread very fast via ventilation, air conditioner units and even just the breeze from a window being open. Removing only the dark spots you can see is a half-baked solution to a problem that can have a serious impact on your families’ health in both the long and short term. Probably the scariest part of a residential mold problem is you can never know the full extent of it and how it is affecting your family until you get a full-fledged inspection. Mold remediation experts have an extensive suite of tools that allow them to detect harmful airborne mould organisms without breaking down any drywall or overall making it expensive for you. The sooner you can give a company with the right air quality detection tools access to your home, the sooner the problem can be identified and solving it can be addressed. The good news is that if you have homeowners insurance and suspect a mold problem due to mold or water damage we highly recommend you at least get a stage one inspection done as soon as possible. Leaving even small instances of mold untreated can cause the problem to snowball and become even bigger – and more expensive to deal with. If you consider the fact that your insurance will glady cover an inspection, the safe choice becomes clear to ensure safety for both your family and of course your pets. The quicker you can stem the spread of mold particles, the less harm you will do to your pocketbook, home and family’s health in the long run.


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